Best Fertility Monitors of 2021

For some lucky women, conceiving is easy, and the positive test might take them by surprise. Unfortunately for others, growing a family can be a grueling and demanding experience. It may even leave you questioning the abilities of your ovaries.

Luckily, there are plenty of helpful tools out there that can help you on the way. In this article, we’ll focus on a popular choice among potential moms-to-be, namely fertility monitors. These handy little tools will assist you in finding the perfect date to have intercourse to optimize your chances of conceiving.

We’ve rounded up the best fertility monitors for those looking to get pregnant as soon as possible.

1 Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

For our choice of the best digital fertility monitor, we selected the Lady Comp. This device is super easy to use — according to the manufacturer, it only requires 30 seconds of your time each day. When you wake up, simply use the attached thermometer to take your temperature. The Lady-Comp will then show if you’re fertile.
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2 iFertracker Smart Fertility Tracker

iFertracker Smart Fertility Tracker

To tick the boxes of comfort and efficiency, we’ve chosen the iFertracker fertility monitor. If you feel most comfortable with keeping track of your BBT (Basal Body Temperature), then this device is perfect. It consists of a small wearable sensor that connects to an app on your smartphone or tablet.
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3 Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

With the Tempdrop, you’ll be able to better identify your fertile days by tracking the temperature changes you’ll encounter as a result of hormonal fluctuations. With two ways to wear the Tempdrop, it makes tracking your fertile days more comfortable. You can wear the Tempdrop on the provided strap on your upper arm, so the device rests in your armpit area. Or, if you’d rather, you can wear a high-fitting sports bra to bed and tuck the device without the wearable strap into your bra.
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4 OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

Timing is everything when it comes to conceiving, and this tracker from OvaCue will not disappoint you. The OvaCue is a hand-held monitor with a color screen and two sensors. Now, don’t confuse these — one goes in your mouth to check your saliva and the other near your cervix.
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5 Clearblue Touch Screen Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Touch Screen Fertility Monitor

Conceiving while affected by PCOS can be difficult, so you want something that’s easy and fast to use. Clearblue is a well-known brand among TTC women, and the company’s fertility monitor is well worth a try. The monitor itself is very high tech — it features a touch screen that showcases all your fertility data. On top of that, it will save up to six cycles, which you can share with your fertility doctor.
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6 Femometer Smart Basal Thermometer

Femometer Smart Basal Thermometer

It does get tedious having to check, write down, and calculate your temperature every day. Fortunately, Femometer has made an app that will do most of the boring work for you. Having worked their way through a few in-app issues, it’s now updated and ready to go. As you sync the monitor with the app, you’ll get an overview of your cycle. It then gives you a seven-day notice for your fertile window.
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7 Ava Fertility Tracker 2.0

Ava Fertility Tracker 2.0

Another popular choice is the Ava Bracelet, it has been promoted by celebrities on social media. It’s a soft bracelet worn overnight which monitors your BBT, but also tracks your sleep, physiological stress level and resting heart rate. They boast that they give a woman a holistic view of their overall health and their fertile window. Everything is uploaded in their app. It can track cycles between 24-35 days but hasn’t been studied for PCOS. This is definitely a smart device- if you want to wake up to a silent alarm you can set an alarm on your app and your Ava bracelet will vibrate to wake you.
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8 OvuSense™ Fertility Monitor

OvuSense™ Fertility Monitor

The OvuSense Fertility Monitor is discreet and can be worn overnight. Before you fall asleep, place the sensor into your vagina and leave it there for the night. Throughout your sleep, it will measure your core body temperature every five minutes and record extremely accurate data. There are no radio waves transmitted, so rest assured it’s completely safe to use. With data from two clinical trials, six peer-reviewed publications and nearly 1.5 million cycles, OvuSense provides 99% accuracy for confirmed ovulation.
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What Is a Fertility Monitor?

Fertility monitors are electronic devices that will help boost your awareness surrounding your fertility throughout your menstrual cycle.

Depending on the type you purchase, they may monitor any changes occurring in the hormone levels in your urine. Some check your basal body temperature, the electrical resistance of vaginal fluids and saliva, or perhaps a combination of everything.

Basically, a fertility monitor will relieve you of some of the guesswork that often comes with trying to conceive. It will detect the clues we would otherwise overlook, or be unaware of, to optimize our chances of getting pregnant.

Different Types of Fertility Monitors
Like many other tools on the market, there are different types of fertility monitors. Some focus on hormones in the urine, vaginal fluids and saliva, basal temperature, or a combination.

Different Types of Fertility Monitors

Like many other tools on the market, there are different types of fertility monitors. Some focus on hormones in the urine, vaginal fluids and saliva, basal temperature, or a combination.

Here are two examples:

  • Digital fertility monitors: These are usually the easiest to use — there’s a screen which displays fast and readable results. They’re generally used to track hormones in the urine, or resistance in the vaginal fluids and saliva.
  • Wearable fertility monitors: Wearables are usually those that track your basal body temperature and perhaps heart rate. These generally consist of a small device that you place somewhere on your body, and it syncs with your phone.

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