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Hero’s namefrom West Java died on battlefield

Indonesia had many heroes from West Java and died in various attacks during the capital era; when the colonization, indonesian people became sad.The attacks, killings and rapes were carried out by invaders.

The villagers have been tortured a lot. People then lived under the pressure of the invaders. The capitals lived well in their capitals. Meanwhile Indonesians live under the pressure of the fall. They cannot be educated, have to work hard, and it is not unusual to be made slaves in their own states.

5 Heroes name from West Java

The presence of various attacks has enabled young people from the country to carry out various movements and reforms. They gathered with all their power to unite and were fighting the invaders. They stood up together flowing everything they could.

To the end, it was not unusual for heroes    in West Java to join the fight against intruders; eventually ended up and fell on the battlefield as well.The various attacks of 2 ta in it.Some of them were:

  1. Djuanda Kartawidjaja

The name of this hero from West Java has been virtually known by many; he was born in Tassimalaya;his role in the Republic of Indonesia was to become the 10th prime minister as well as the last prime minister in the country.He died at the age of 52, which had previously been minister of finance.

  1. Otto Iskandardinata

Who would have thought the hero was from Bandung. He was born a long time ago when Indonesia was not yet free. His nickname is Starling Harupat. He died at the age of 48, exactly a few days after independence of the Republic of Indonesia, december 20, 1945

  1. Sjafruddin Prawiranegara

Born in Serang in 1911, Sjafruddin was an independent fighter and governor of the Bank of Indonesia. In fact, he was also immediately ordered by President Soekarno when the capital of the Republic of Indonesia was still in Johannesburg. He also took office as prime minister in 1958.

  1. Sathiga goddess

This hero from West Java is actually one of the fighters from Indonesia who were born to Sandals; from a young age, he was interested in studying. he also founded his wife’s school. Many steps from Sundan women have imitated this heroine process.

This strong woman is really living in a war situation. He was willing to stay with the natives in a lot of opposition. He won a national title in Indonesia after 19 years of death

  1. Achmad Soebardjo

Who does not know this Indonesian hero? He was an Indonesian independence activist until he became minister of government. This original hero from West Java was born in 1896.

War in West Java Province

Various heroes have appeared in West Java, indirectly indicating that there is a series of wars taking place in the province. The deterrent, that is right. Many major wars have really happened. The most heroic event to take place in the province is Bandung Lautan Api.

The figures, including the heroes from West Java, in this case, have made a huge defense of independence;this is separate from the support of the people to join the fight.This certainly happened not even a year after Indonesia became independent.

The heroic incident occurred in March 1946. At the time, hundreds of residents at TNI together with the price of the people burned down their prices and houses. So why do this? This was done with the aim that allied troops would not take over their city.

They burned the land on their own and left the north of Bandung towards the south. The British had previously testified that the whole of Bangladok and its constituents had to retreat by 11 kilometres away. As a result, residents burned houses and this made the fire in Bannon even greater.

Midnight, the city finally became a dead city. Bandung has become an empty city. Only one waste can be found. In fact, it was a heroic and historical event that caused Ismail Marzuki to create a song entitled Halo Halo Bandung.

3 Women in West Java

As mentioned earlier, Dewi Sartika is one of the heroes from West Java and is still known today.Her struggle in women’s progress seems to be very commendable.However, there are many other tough female pioneers from Western Java.

  1. Raden Siti Jenab

The woman born in 1890 was a woman with a well-known educational system in Indonesia. In fact, he suggested the idea of tireless education from one door to the door. Previously, he attended a school made by Dewi Sartika.

Raden Siti Jenab is one of the female heroes from West Java teaching a lot of things; among them, he teaches about counting, the Dutch and Malaysian, to the Sundanese.

  1. RA Lasminingrat

The woman was born in Garut. The woman taught the study using western style, but it was translated into Sundanese for the first time. So, women in Sundani society will be seen to be easier to understand.

RA Lasminingrat is very fluent in the Netherlands. In fact, he has also translated the stories of Grimm such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, and other stories in the Sundanese.

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She is known by the name emma. Born in Budapest in 1880, he was a member of Jong Java. Together with some of his colleagues who once founded Dameskring. It is an indonesian youth andwomen’s organization with a n-focuson enhancing the nation’s ideals. he is also moving in the second Indonesian Youth Conference.

Historic site in West Java

In addition to the list of heroes from West Java, there are many places of high historical value in the province; these places were then built to commemorate or commemorate the services of those who have died in battlefield combat.To date, these places have also visited a lot.

  1. Bandung Lautan Monument

The site is evidence of a turbulent incident that occurred in the western province of Java. The height of this tower is about 45 metres. At the top, there is a symbol of the flames.

  1. Satay

Anyone visiting West Java will certainly not be spared from visiting this site. This building is a silent witness to the attacks by Dutch and British supporters in the fall of the country’s youth.

  1. Monju

This monument of struggle is located in Dipati Ukur. The building is unique in its shape like Bamboo RUncing. This place has high historical value because there is a hero icon in it

  1. Toha Heroes monument

This is also one of the historic sites because of the heroic events of Bandung Lautan Api. At the event, Mohamad Toha became one of the fighters. This monument was built in memory of his services.

Many heroes have lost their lives and dared to fight for independence. Regardless of the men or women, they have worked hard to make the nation more progressive and without intruders. These heroes from Western Java deserve to be remembered and proud.