You will be accountable for the following as a Delivery Station Liaison : Careerboxs

This job is full-time (40 hours a week). The typical number of scheduled hours is 40 per week, with the idea that more hours may need to be worked if a customer has a need.

Being the most customer-focused organization on Earth is our mission at Amazon. To accomplish this, we increase our logistical products and services, including enhancing how we process and transport customer orders, while also innovating and offering best-in-class customer support. The good news is that we’re only getting started as we make history. You can work with intelligent, driven individuals at Amazon who develop new goods and services daily for our clients.


As a Delivery Station Liaison, you will enhance the customer experience by giving in-station, hands-on support to guarantee that our clients receive their items as promised, on time. The position will also assist in connecting clients with specialists who can give them the most precise and current information regarding their packages. Making ensuring that customers are happy is part of our business, in addition to processing and delivering their orders.

You will be accountable for the following as a Delivery Station Liaison:

Using empathy when handling challenging client circumstances over the phone and over email; being prompt in your response and giving consideration to your customers’ demands; and requesting their feedback to enhance the customer experience.
analyzing data; use anecdotes and personal experience to supplement data; being open to seeking out and creating work flows and procedures; seeking out ways to enhance and promote quality; while meeting deadlines, demonstrating accuracy and thoroughness.
Utilizing effective information gathering and analysis techniques to create alternative solutions; Using problem-solving abilities to quickly identify and address customer-facing issues.
communicating effectively; clarifying; concentrating on meeting client demands; upholding confidentiality; and adhering to rules and procedures.
balancing the obligations of the individual and the collective; displaying objectivity and respect for different points of view; Feedback-giving and – receiving assisting in creating a supportive environment for the team; dedication to the team’s aims and objectives; and encouragement of their success.
respecting others, inspiring others to have faith in you, and really pursuing company principles and objectives.
affirmative action is encouraged, and diversity is respected.
Up to 49 pounds may be carried, lifted, pushed, or pulled.
For shifts up to 12 hours, you may need to stand, kneel, squat, and/or stretch.
working in a production setting with fluctuating temperatures and noise levels in a warehouse (personal protective equipment provided).
Essential Requirements

the equivalent of a high school diploma
Experience with customer service in the past
being able to efficiently prioritize your time at work to ensure efficiency
knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating systems
proficiency with a variety of web browsers, database search engines, and instant messaging software

preferred credentials
Bachelor’s degree or a comparable combination of education and experience
ability to communicate both orally and in writing
grasp of performance measures and expertise in creating them to gauge success against key performance characteristics

A diverse and inclusive workplace is a priority for Amazon. As an equal opportunity employer, Amazon does not discriminate on the grounds of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, handicap, age, or any other legally protected status. To request a reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability, go to

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