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5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card’s Assets Period

 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active card period are important for users of this well-known provider in Indonesia. Smartfren has become popular and in great demand in Indonesia since the first launch of its products. The products of this provider have spread widely in different corners of Indonesia.

This provider offers a variety of amenities to make it attractive to the public. In addition, with a fairly wide range, smartfren becomes more attractive in various circles. In fact, all circles from the lower to upper middle classes are also happy to use smartfren.

5 “Smartfren Provider” pranašumai

5 ways to check smartfren credit and card asset period , are so important that users do not miss the grace period. Are you one of the users? Since his first release in Indonesia, residents have been enthusiastic. This provider also spread its wings in different directions.

  1. Extremely cheap

Everyone will want to find an economical and economical supplier. If you are looking for a provider with these advantages, then smartfren is the answer. The cheapest quota option is offered to all circles.


Well, 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of the card , apparently, can be done by all parties. Some people who did not believe in this advantage now began to turn to Smarfren. But after proving it themselves, they felt addicted to how to use it.


  1. Signals may disappear automatically

Is automatic missing signal one of the disadvantages? This is not the case, the signal may disappear automatically is an advantage on this card. The signal will disappear when your mobile phone  is not used. For example, if you leave home, you do not need to turn off the data package, but the signal will automatically disappear when you enter the complex area of the signal.


  1. Very economical

Well, the last advantage of this cool provider is that it is very economical.   Using this card, you can get great benefits cheaply and economically. While waiting for the time of the working day, you can still enjoy the Internet without worrying about running out of quota.

5 Ways to Check Smartfren Credit and Card’s Assets Period

Keep it to have credit so that you can always enjoy the benefits of this provider. Otherwise, it is possible that the number will be blocked and you will regret it. How to check the credit balance and the period of assets?

  1. Collect

Of the 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of the  card, this is the simplest. Enter *999#.   Kemudian, you can immediately press the call button. The screen will display some of the remaining credit from the card inside the phone.


  1. Sms

The way to do 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of this card   is that you can open a messaging app. Just enter the SMS by typing the word CEK. When you’re done, send an SMS to 999.


  1. Operator’s phone

If you do not want to be complicated, you can directly listen to the rest of the credit and the period of the active number by calling. Just call 999. 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of the card will certainly be very useful to you.


  1. Using the application

As an elite service provider nowadays, smartfren also has the Mysmartfren app. First, download it if you want to use it. A lot of information can be obtained in the application, including the rest of the credit and the active period of the card.


  1. Website

 To get 5 ways to check Smartfren credit and the card’s active period  , visit the my.smartfren.com website.     When you have regentation, you can check the pulse.

The five ways above are very easy to try, right? The above method is also applicable when  you are going to check the active grace of the card. The amount of credit will be displayed along with the active period of the card and the grace period.

Information about what is the number of pulses and the active period will allow each user to know what to do. If he really entered the grace period, then by replenishing the credit as soon as possible, he can prevent its blocking. In this way, the inspection must be carried out regularly and repeatedly.

How to extend smartfen’s active life

When you do not do  5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of the card, unexpected things can suddenly happen.   You can’t call and text. Then it will make you feel quite worried if the number is really important in life, because you already have a lot of contacts, both relatives and co-workers.

As it turns out, there are only 1 tip that needs to be done to  avoid this problem. Just do a pulse replenishment, this is the only way to do it. By doing this, the active period may increase. Thus, the possibility of being blocked becomes less.  You will be able to use it at any time.

When your favorite card enters the grace limit, replenish the credit again. Other methods, such as buying active periods or credit transfers, cannot yet be carried out. After all, there’s nothing to lose when doing credit replenishment, right?

Charging can be carried out both during the grace period and during the active period. Adding an active period may depend on how much credit you buy .

  1. Charging 5 thousand adds 7 days
  2. When charging 10 thousand, 15 days are added
  3. Charging 20 and 25 thousand adds 30 days
  4. 50 thousand charge adds 60 days
  5. When charging 60 thousand, 75 days are added
  6. Charging 100 thousand adds 120 days
  7. Charging from 150 to 200 thousand adds 150 days

How to activate the dead Smarfren

 By doing 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of the card  , you will actually avoid a dead card. When the card is really dead and you still need it most, then there is a way to do it.

A grace period will be entered on the card, divided into two stages.

  1. One-way block

Blocking to one side or one side can occur when  you enter a 30-day grace limit. If this happens, calls and texting cannot be made. However, you can get messages and incoming calls


  1. Two-way block

If this has already happened, the card is completely unusable. It is no longer possible to want the Internet, text or text or call and leave.

If this happens to you, do not rush to throw away the card if you really still need it. Just come to the nearest Smartfren store in your city. There you can reactivate the card. The conditions are easy, bring your own KTP, KK, make payments, and this did not exceed 3 months from the grace period.

Smartfren is indeed the most interesting provider that can be used in Indonesia. There are many benefits to using this provider that can be enjoyed. However, do not lower the protection and always check the active period of the card. Do this with 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active period of the above card .

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