Several places in the Lenovo service center :

Lenovo service center easily checks the correctness of its location


As one of the largest brands, the Lenovo service center checks whether the correctness of its location is quite common. This brand, which is very well known in the field of technology, already has a market all over the world. The most famous products are personal computers, tablets to mobile phones.

Lenovo brand products are actually quite good in terms of specifications, but not many people are interested in them. This is because this product is still inferior to other brands. Even with a low bid, this brand is also quite difficult to attract the interest of many people in Indonesia.

Another problem is that it is believed that this brand still has few places for service centers. It exists only in large cities, such as Jakarta, and it is quite difficult for owners in small areas. For this reason, many people do not want to risk buying it. When there is a breakdown, it will definitely be difficult to fix.

Meanwhile, if you force repairs in other service centers, other problems may arise. For example, you can not claim a guarantee of the product for damage. This is quite difficult for real owners who are experiencing sudden problems. Therefore, Lenovo’s c enter service checks the correctness of its location  to solve the problem.

Get acquainted with the products of the Lenovo brand

Lenovo has been operating in Indonesia for a long time and has supplied various types of products. Some of the most popular are personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. The existence of n ya is sufficient to diversify competition for the technology market in Indonesia. Placing a low price in order to attract the interest of others and the desire to buy it.

For each product of this technology, the prices offered are quite diverse. As a rule, some are offered at low prices to get a large number of customers. However, the specifications of each product are not inferior to other brands. Low prices, but due to quality problems can be contrasted with other large technology brands in Indonesia.

But despite offering a low price with high specs, Lenovo is still less competitive. This is because Indonesia still lacks official service center locations. Only a few of them and it was built only for large cities. The problem with the service center is that although it is an important point for the sake of the future.

Therefore, it is important to check the Lenovo service center to check the correctness of its location . Especially if when using one of these products there are technical problems, such as sudden death. Of course, bringing it to the service center will be safer and it will be possible to enjoy the warranty of spare parts.

Several places in the Lenovo service center

Where does the service center stand? There can be a lot of such questions, because it is difficult for most people to look for them. The Lenovo service center checks whether the correct location is actually not only in Jakarta. But in reality, the existence of service centers exists only in the surroundings of Jakarta, such as Tangerang, Bekasi and Depot.

  1. Jakarta

For those of you who are in Jakarta, of course, you don’t have to worry about a service center. In the area of Eastern Jakarta, it is possible to determine the location of the Lenovo service center. Some shopping centers provide these services, although few people are now visiting. You can meet him at PGC or Junction.


  1. Tangerangas

SDC Mall Serpong is a service center for Lenovo to check the  correctness of its location in Tangerange. This place can be used to repair damage to damaged laptops, mobile phones or tablets. Of course, this place is open every day at certain hours, because it is still a pandemic. Although the cost usually varies depending on the damage.


  1. Depokas

For Lenovo users in the Depot area and its surroundings, ITC Depok can be a place to visit. Exactly located on the 3rd floor and is quite easy to find, because the place is easy to see. If you want to get there, you can call the number 021-6634-7726 only during working hours and days.


  1. Bekasi

As one of the buffered areas of the capital, Bekasi also provides the Lenovo service center to verify the correctness of its location , which has been approved. Even here you can find more than 1 place, first in the Mega Bekasi Mall and the second in the Metropolitan Mall. Both are quite easy to find, as they are clearly visible.


  1. Kalimantanas

In addition to the area around Jakarta, service centers are also being built outside the island of Java. But, unfortunately, the place is only on the island of Kalimantan. Although here are some cities that provide such as Balikpapan to Samarind. Only large cities in each province can find a service center.

How to find out the official warranty of Lenovo

After completing the Lenovo service center, check the correctness of the location, then know in advance what type of device you have a warranty on. Although there is an official warranty, there are several types of guarantees that have passed the established term. This will complicate it later, since additional costs are required when carrying out repairs.

There are several ways that can be done to see the warranty period in the product. The warranty period is the term during which repairs can be carried out without spending money. The first is to check on the official Lenovo website. Visit Lenovo Mobile and after that a dialog box will appear later.

Fill out the dialog box with the IMEI number of the available product. For example, if you want to repair your phone, first check your phone’s IMEI code. Later, after entering the dialog box, you can proceed to the next step. Please note that do not enter the wrong IMEI number code.

The next step is to click on the Check warranty period button. Wait a moment and then the details will be displayed in the phone product. There are details such as the date of purchase, expiration date, phone specifications. So it’s pretty easy to recognize when the warranty period ends when you want to fix your phone.

There is something unique when the Lenovo service center checks the correctness of its location, namely the tolerance of the warranty time limit. When he entered the time limit period and no longer has a guarantee, but the service center gives tolerance for 1 month. So during this period of tolerance, you can still enjoy the devices.

Information about the service of the warranty policy

Each brand and company must have its own warranty policy. The same applies to Lenovo, which has certain policy services. There are a number of service policies that every user of Lenovo products needs to understand. This policy may relate to the availability of spare parts, the duration of product repairs, a special warranty policy.

For example, during the time of its repair. As a rule, the repair time is adjusted to the queue and usually takes 7 days of work. That is, if you hand over your phone or laptop on Monday, you will pick it up next Monday. However, it can also be faster, depending on the degree of damage.

There is also a policy of coverage of warranty service. When you make changes to the product, the addition or deprivation of components will affect the repair. Any component that is not covered by warranty insurance will not receive the premises from the warranty service of the official service center.

Lenovo is indeed one of the technological products that contains a fairly large number of new products. It’s just that the availability of service center services, which are still small, makes it less attractive to most people. Although the Lenovo service center checks whether it is possible to carry out the correctness of the place , the place is only in the metropolitan area.

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